Quick and easy way to bleed your brakes - requires only 1 person- takes less than 15 minutes - works on most high-wing aircraft - requires no compressed air - The system is so easy - once you start you can walk away and come back 15 minutes later and the job is done 

Aircraft Brake Bleeder

SKU: PA100009


    1. Fill Bleeder with fluid

    2. Hang Bleeder on wing flap arm or comparable place – be sure bleeder      is above reservoir

    3. Remove Zirk fitting on brake calipers and attach enclosed adapter  

    4. Attach brake bleeder hose to adapter

    5. Attach overflow tub to reservoir

    6. Open valve on bleeder

    7. Crack lid on bottle

    8. Gently squeeze primer bulb 3-4 times

    9. Allow system to bleed for 15 minutes – when you see fluid coming out      of the overflow tube-  you are done


    NOTE:  Remember there is only an 1/8” hole in the brake caliper – The fluid can not travel faster than the allotted 15 minutes.  PLEASE do not squeeze the bottle or expect this to happen any faster than the given amount of time – This system is gravity fed –




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