Our company began as Aftermarket Manufacturing Company in 1995 in a very small garage. Our machines originally comprised of one manual vertical milling machine, a small CNC vertical milling machine and a few other miscellaneous machines. Primarily we manufactured products for the professional go-kart racing industry.
In 1999 we changed our company name to American Manufacturing Company due to some confusion in the meaning of our previous name. In this same year we had grown into a shop that is over 3 times the size of our small garage. Our current goals include improvement in the quality of our current line of products and the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. To help us in these goals we have added to our arsenal of machinery 2 new CNC vertical milling machines. We have also added a lathe and a number of other smaller machines.
Shortly after moving into our larger shop we earned our greatest pride and announced that we had claimed our first U.S. Design Patent.
The year 2002 was a great year for us and we were able to move into yet a larger shop. Our manufacturing processes have certainly improved and thanks to an ever expanding product line we keep our machines quite busy.
A big THANK YOU to all of you, our customers, for having faith in our products and ,of course, for all of your feedback.


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